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In Frome Blooms news this week…

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Seasonal blooms this week!!

There are some wonderful cottage garden flowers that peak this time of year, and sweet aromas in this week’s bouquets from sweetpea and phlox. The purple hibiscus is abundant at the moment, and the huge dahlias are superstars at this time of year. But I think that the red ‘non-stop’ begonia in bouquet 97 is my favourite this week, it’s just so brash and colourful!

Available now for £15 at

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Customer of the Week

This week Frome Blooms sent dahlias and gladioli to St Helens, for Aunty Jenny.
Get well soon Jen! xx

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Free Bouquet to brighten someone’s day!

Next week we’re giving away a free bouquet to brighten someone’s day. Just drop me a line to and tell me who you’d like to send flowers to, and why.

All the best,
Jenny at Frome Blooms

And finally,

I’ve uploaded quite a few privacy policies for websites, but this is the prettiest I’ve ever done.



I hope your plans and plants are coming along nicely!

Jen xx

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