Spring blooms (in a basket)

After a very snowy week, I had a few hours free on a sunny March afternoon to plant out some spring blooms. The little curved border under the pear tree has a few tete-a-tete daffs that I planted last year, along with a lot of lesser celandine, but could certainly use a bit more colour.


I had a few plants aside for this spot… Some bargain primroses that I picked up from a closing down sale at the local Homebase, as well as some much more interesting bulbs that I picked up at the rare plant fair in Wells last weekend.

Rare Plant Fair at Wells
Rare Plant Fair at Wells


The new plants from Wells are ‘Scilla’ ‘Chionodoxa’ and ‘Puschkinia’  and I’m hoping they’ll do well in their new home.

The little curved border under the silver pear tree is much brighter now, and it’s wonderful to spend a bit of time in the sun, digging over warmish soil.


There’s much more planting to be done, and I need to clean out the greenhouse next. I’m hoping to adjust my hours slightly to get a bit more garden time available, and I’m working on a few ideas for FromeBlooms this spring.

There’s something about baskets and blooms that I keep coming back to, but haven’t quite finalised yet. I loved doing cut flowers by post, but I think that little woven planters with bulbs and flowering plants would be more robust for posting… So perhaps ‘blooms in baskets’ will be the new direction for fromeblooms.com, but I need a bit more planning and practice first…

I hope that your plants and plans are coming along nicely this spring, and that we’ve (hopefully) seen the last of the snow for now!

Jen x




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