Forest School fun and an overdue spring

Lately, I’ve been spending my time with the SELco Forest School, at Valis Veg in Frome.

It’s a lovely place, with a huge covered A-Frame offering shelter from the rain.

I made this video to promote this summer’s programme.

I must admit I’ve neglected my own garden, as the winter seems to have gone on forever. But did manage a few trips out to the Valis vale farm, for a rather wet day of forest school.


In all honesty, I’ve not got as much done as I’d have liked with sowing and growing, but we’ve just not had the weather for it.


This shot was taken ten days ago, capturing a splendid leap through the snow by Davina the cat.

The hellebore were quick to recover from the snow, as usual. For such dainty flowers, they’re quite resilient!


It’s rained all day today, and although I really should get out into the greenhouse and start planting, I’ve been mucking about with Forest School videos instead… Perhaps I’ll get planting tomorrow.

I hope that your plans and plants are coming along well, that you’re making better progress than me with seed sowing. And I really, really hope that the winter’s finally over!

Jen xx



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