Dandelion snowstorm

The weather has been weird, with a very late winter melting into an early summer in the space of just a few weeks.  In late March, the garden was covered with snow, which our cat seemed to enjoy leaping through…

And this week, in early May, we had summer sunshine.

Its wonderful to have some sunshine, and the garden’s looking so much brighter.

Ever a work in progress, the current plan involves extending the lawn and putting in pathways. We’re using wooden tiles over woodchip, which is reasonably easy and worked well last year. After that’s done, the rest of the lawn will go over to flower beds, I want to plant lots of scented, flowering perennials – lilacs and orange blossom, and I want honesty and sweet cicely in the wilder borders.

It’s quite a big garden, (maybe 10m wide, 20m long – I’ve been meaning to properly measure it for ages, but you know, life… 😉  And so it takes time to put plans into action. Weeding is a challenge. So a snowstorm of dandelion seeds this week felt like a lot of potential weeding work arriving en masse, although it was extremely pretty.


My part time jobs are both going well, but taking up rather a lot of time. I’d planned to re-open my little online flower shop, FromeBlooms.com in spring, but neither me or the garden are ready yet.  That’s ok, as I think that putting the time into getting the garden rejigged, working with forest school and earning a living as a part time digital marketer is working out fine.

In just a few weeks there could be plenty of roses, and if there’s enough to share I’ll start doing homegrown birthday bouquets again. It’s really fun to do flowers from the garden, and then see them arrive in people’s homes and brighten the day. If I could just make it profitable I’d do it all the time!

For now, I’ve enough to cut a few bouquets of bluebell and columbine for the table. And through people I met at forest school I might be able to organise a little flower allotment /market garden for next year, to scale things up a bit if all goes well.

So things are ticking along, slowly and nicely.

Columbine and bluebells, May 10 2018

I hope your plans and plants are doing well, whatever the weather!

Jen x


3 thoughts on “Dandelion snowstorm

  1. Hey, that looks like the same red and white columbine we got! I wanted blue and white, and it came up like yours. It is pretty anyway of course. I never met a columbine I did not like. Did yours grow separately (with the red and white in one batch and the white and yellow in another), or were they just mixed? I usually see it mixed.


    1. Hey TonyTomeo, I planted those as a mixed collection of small plugs in autumn and then forgot about them for six months! I didn’t know what to expect but I’m dead chuffed with the results. 🙂

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