Three cats and a vase on Monday

Our garden is looking lush again, and I’ve picked a few blooms for the table, and to share with Cathy’s gang for ‘in a vase on Monday. Pop over to Cathy’s blog to see what other gardeners are sharing this week.

My bouquet for today is mostly anemone japonica, with white gladiolus, Gaura lindheimeri Whirling Butterflies, some purple sedum and a few sprigs of honeysuckle.

Anemones in a vase on Monday

The gladioli is from a bulb planted in spring, and I chose just white ones for part of the garden this year. I find that some white flowers get bruised quickly during inclement weather, but these are pretty robust in a downpour. More of these next year I think 🙂


The ‘whirling butterflies’ Gaura lindheimeri is another ‘highly recommended’ plant, which overwintered, coped with drought, and bursts with these charming butterfly shaped flowers that catch the wind most pleasingly.


The honeysuckle adds a sweet scent. I would have picked more if I could reach it.


And here’s a quick tour of the garden, with added cats, for those who’d like a nosey round…


The honeysuckle on the right covers the old stone wall, and its almost  covering the ‘Green Brando’ at the top of the trellis. Most of the honeysuckle flowers that I can reach are finished blooming, but I do see a few buds forming within reach of the long loppers. 🙂

The black cat in this picture lives on the other side of this wall, and does not recognise human boundaries. He will wander into our house and eat our cat’s dinner if he gets a chance. But he’s also very cute and mischievous and friendly, so we don’t mind him hanging out.

Here is another cat from next door, who sometimes enjoys quality time in the greenhouse.


And here is Davina, our cat. She seems to have grudgingly tolerated these visiting neighbours since last autumn.

Davina, on the covered bench.

So, that’s the tour, with the vase, and the cats, and a few potatoes from the veg patch…


Do visit for more lovely Monday vases…

And I hope that your plans and plants are coming along nicely.

Jen 🙂



8 thoughts on “Three cats and a vase on Monday

  1. Oh, white is my favorite color, and honeysuckle is one of my favorite fragrances. (It is not easy to maintain a favorite fragrance with so many to choose from.) Kitties . . . not my favorite so much, even if my town is names after them.

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  2. Hey, lovely! But so *southern* — we’ve given up completely on gladioli, cos they just sulk and refuse to flower, or you plant a dozen and get one glowering spike. I think it’s just not ever quite warm enough. (Of course, this year it might have been.) At the mo our garden is mostly Japanese anemone — garden thugs but so pretty. Our star performer is a rose called ‘Gold Rush’. Glad to see the pusEk@s are happy … xx

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  3. Doesn’t a vaseful of anemones look pretty? They would look good on their own but the gaura and honeysuckle and that pristine gladiolus complement them perfectly. Gaura is one of those things I have sadly never had any success with – don’t know why. Hope all is well with you, Jen


    1. Thanks Cathy, maybe you were just unlucky with guara in the past, or a passing cat sat on the plant (that happens in my garden quite a lot). I hope you enjoy your garden this weekend and look forward to your next lovely vase on Monday 🙂


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