Optimising, arranging and enjoying the garden

Today was a good day for breakthroughs with perfect weather for getting things done. You know those ideas that only seem obvious after you thought of them?


Well, I’ve looking for something as a focal point for the top of the steps since January 2017 when we arrived, and yet only now thought of putting a garden ornament there. As I only actually have one garden ornament, a large brass flower windmill, in hindsight it’s bleeding obvious to position it at the top of the steps as a focal point.

When it catches the wind, it really goes!

My lovely husband got it for me as a birthday pressie a few years ago, and it’s been on display around the garden, but only found it’s optimal spot today.

As did these things…

Shelfie and selfie

This snap shows some of my vintage nick-nacks, in the garden room. The bronze jug was a gift from my mum, the red vase is from the Frome flea market, and the tiny bronze vase with sedum, buddliea and lily came from a charity shop. Behind them, the willow trellis supports nasturtiums, which are conveniently placed for the kitchen door, as they make a lovely salad.

Rearranging a couple of plants, to group together those with similar foliage, improved the look of this corner.


Finally, I grabbed a couple of apples and some white-currants, to make our bangers tasty.


Today was a very good day…

Sausages with apple, sage and white-currant

As always, I hope that your plans and plants are coming along nicely.

Jen x


3 thoughts on “Optimising, arranging and enjoying the garden

      1. I do happen to like apple sauce with pork, but have never tried currants. I got my first whit currants just last year. The black currants have been around for just a few years. Currants have been gaining popularity only for the past few years. Most of us do not know what to do with them. The native currants are not very abundant, and mostly get eaten by doves.


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