In A Vase on Monday: Hebe and Hellebore

Snow is thawing all around me, and so I popped out  into the garden to grab a few flowers, to share with Cathy’s gang  ‘In a Vase on Monday.’


On first glance, there’s not much colour to be found, but on closer inspection a clump of purple hebe had emerged from the snow, the snowdrops and wallflowers are going strong, and of course the hellebores weren’t bothered by the cold.

I picked some hellebore, a sprig of quince, some wintersweet, and added a couple of sprigs of ivy and olive for foliage and texture.

Finally, I added a couple of hazel catkins to the mix, and popped  the pot onto the windowsill with an aloe and spiderplant for company.

February flowers in a vase on Monday

This little pot will add a pop of colour to my week.

For more floral selections, visit Cathy’s blog ‘Rambling in the Garden.’ She has made the most of slim pickings this week, with a ‘skinny’ selection featuring dogwood and witchhazel.

I hope your plans and plants are coming along nicely,

Jen x

5 thoughts on “In A Vase on Monday: Hebe and Hellebore

  1. Such beautiful markings on the Hellebore, one of my favourite flowers but they don’t grow well here. I have one, that was a Christmas present, in a pot in the Orangery which I hope might survive outside in the shady area I call my woodland walk.

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  2. The stems on your hellebores are really long – mine are still only a few inches above ground despite coming into flower. The milder weather this week should give them a boost though. Your mix of winter treasures works really well and I am sure will give you a lot of pleasure. Thanks for joining us today


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