Weeds, snowflakes, limbo and honesty

On April 1st, I posted a little posy of dandelion and bindweed. It was almost as well liked as my more conventional bouquets – so more fool me! 😉

Taraxacum (aka dandelion) in a vase on Monday

I really do like to feature weeds on this blog now and then. A relaxed attitude to untidy corners is the approach that works for me, because in difficult areas, like a shady spot under the pear tree, I’m happy if any flowers  grow.

So why would I weed out the celandine under the pear tree, when it does very well in a spot where little else succeeds?

My favourite weeds under the pear tree

I’ve added forget-me-not to this spot and it has self-seeded pleasingly, taking over as the celandine finishes.  I put in some bluebells too, which will battle it out with the other pretty weeds in this little spot.

Tidy gardeners may not approve, but I think the insects love it.

While wantonly not weeding, I’ve picked a few pretty stems to take inside. The ‘spring snowflake’ (Leucojum vernum) is a beautiful and easy growing plant, related to the snow drop, but much larger and more impactful.

Spring snowflakes in the galaxy garden


I put a few stems of snowflakes into a vase with perennial stocks. The two together have a wonderful perfume, with spicy undertones from the stock, and a sweet, jasmine like scent from the snowflake.

Snowflake and stocks

The spring snowflake was new to me until last year when I picked up a pot from the Frome Independent market. It overwintered easily, and came back with more flowers than last year.

So a reputation of delicacy is not appropriate for this snowflake.

The perennial stock also overwintered quite happily, and whether planted in a pot or into the ground, it’s done well.

Another good performer has been honesty, (Lunaria annua) which easily grew from seeds that we gathered from the compost heap at the local park!


When we get to the new place, I’ll certainly plant honesty, snowflakes and stocks around the place, for their early spring colour and impact. Sometimes my husband points out that we do have quite a lot of purple flowers, and he might like some other colours too.

That’s a good idea to put into our next garden, which I hope we will have moved into within a few weeks. (Fingers crossed)

It feels like a time of ‘limbo’ as I’m waiting to hear about a possible job, and waiting to confirm a date to move house, and also waiting to see if the politicians are going to sort out Brexit.  I’ve a feeling that my job and our house move will be resolved far sooner than the politics will. I’ll be glad to get back to planning and planting when things are more settled!

As ever, I hope that your plans and plants do well, and that any political difficulties your country may be experiencing are effectively resolved.

Jen x



3 thoughts on “Weeds, snowflakes, limbo and honesty

  1. Most of the worst invasive exotic species that are weeds here now were imported for their flowers in home gardens. Pampas grass, broom and Acacia dealbata are some our local examples. English ivy was grown as a ground cover before invading the forests.


  2. Jen, that’s very exciting about the move!! We might be in your neck of the woods late May, will be in touch when we have firmed up. If you’re around it would be lovely to see you both xx


  3. Sorry – only just drifted into the post. Dandelions are great, and I like your vase. I agree with your weed policy, which seems very sensible. If nature will do your gardening for you, it seems foolish not to accept the gift. We have had some honesty blow in from elsewhere, so in years to come it could be a good display.


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