Frome Independent Market: garden links and pupdates

The first Frome Independent Market of the year was very busy. 

The town centre was closed to traffic and was packed with stalls and shoppers. As usual, my attention was drawn to the beautiful flowers, but some of the cute puppies caught my eye too. 

A stall by the Market Cross fountain had the most amazing tulips on sale. I think this was ‘Barters Plant centre’ who are usually in this spot, selling amazing flowers.

Further along, over the bridge, is the main garden market area.


There was a fine turn out of people and pets, and as usual I did a spot of puppy watching (awarding points for tiniest pup and waggiest tail).



I’ve always got an eye open for sustainable gardening, particularly ways to reduce plastic, so it’s great to see coir pots becoming more widely available.

They are a fine alternative to plastic. On sale from Sprout and Flower


What was left of the stall at Compton Garden looked good, but it was mostly sold out by the time we arrived.

I loved the cottage style posies on offer.


In Clover had a beautiful stall of cottage garden flowers and woven willow.

More info on this beautiful nursery is available here. I don’t think they have a website, but they often attend plant fairs and markets.

I think that my favourite pup of all was the one sat in the buskers guitar case.

The Frome Independent Market is held on the first Sunday of the month from March – December.


One thought on “Frome Independent Market: garden links and pupdates

  1. Our market in town has only one vendor of potted plants, and one vendor of cut flowers. Some other vendors sell small potted herbs, but not the colorful blooming plants.


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