Settling in and exploring

We let the cat out a few days ago, and she’s been exploring our new garden.

The cat brought us a little bird this morning, which flew about the living room briefly, before being recaptured (by the cat) and then rescued (by me). Quite a way to start the day!

I’ve got a cosy little gardening spot set up by the summer house, and we’re saving up for a new shed.


We have a long list of snags. That summer house roof needs fixing, and the shed seems to be about to collapse. There are more cracked flagstones than I care to count, the decking needs to be repaired – or replaced – and the patio doors don’t open.

Inside, the kitchen cupboards are zonked out, the bedroom cupboard doors are coming off the rails, and there’s quite a lot of decorating to be done.

We need to put up shelves, paint the walls, put up pictures, and put up with the hassle of sorting things out over the next few weeks and months.

But I love it.

While we’re getting ourselves organised with the big things, I’m doing little bits here and there to make the place nicer. I’ve planted coriander, basil, thyme, sage and oregano, a few roses from the old place, and started potting up some planters.

And it’s having an impact already.

I hope that this handful of magic beans will provide us with some tasty treats by summertime… If it goes as planned, we’ll have a green bean salad with homemade pesto.


French bean seeds

I’ll keep on planning and planting, seeding and weeding and hoping that it all turns out nicely.

And I hope that all your plans and plants turn out nicely too…

Jen x

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