Six on Saturday: Discovery phase

Today I snapped things in the garden, to share with the bloggers at the Propagator’s weekly Six on Saturday group.

First up, roses round the door. They’re a delight. We moved house exactly a month ago, and these roses began blooming just after we arrived. I’ve always fancied having roses growing around the door, and I’m chuffed to bits with these. 🙂

Roses round the door
Roses round the door

We’ve made a start on pruning this week. This is ‘before…’

last Friday…

And here is ‘after.’ We’ve pruned back a few of the trees by about a third each, creating a huge pile of clippings and some very good sticks.  I’ve also unpacked many of the garden nick-nacks – our solar powered lamps, the willow tower, disco balls and windcatchers are out and making the place feel homely. We’ve put fairy lights up under the apple tree, which makes that spot feel a little bit magical.

This Friday…

My third thing is these snapdragons, which are on a sunny bank by the hedge, and look rather lovely in the sunshine. (The big bronze flower is a windmill that was a gift from my husband many years ago…)

Snapdragons and the windcatcher

My 4th highlight this Saturday is these little sunflowers. I got them for 50p each from the Frome Flea market, which is held at the Cheese and Grain each Wednesday, and often has stalls selling homegrown seedlings at this time of year.  In the background, the massive elder is in full bloom, and I’m planning to harvest a few blooms to make cordial.


There’s a sycamore seedling in there, one that invited itself into a planter. I’ll pass this onto the Frome Tree Group when it’s a bit bigger. The Tree Group are making plans to plant more trees into the green spaces around Frome, and I’m hoping to help them do so.

Finally, lupins. I’ve not had much luck with these in past gardens, but these ones popped up in the central flower bed, and although the slugs have had a nibble at them, they’re doing rather well.


So that’s my six for this week.

We’ve still got tons of work to do in the house and garden, to get it how we’d like it and make a few long overdue repairs. There seem to be a lot of plants that haven’t had a good prune in a decade or three…

For more garden highlights, visit the Propagator’s blog to see ‘Six on Saturday’ from gardeners all over the world.



3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Discovery phase

  1. Ah, sycamore; it took me a minute to recognize it. I know it as maple, of the genus Acer. Sycamore here is of the genus Platanus.
    I find it amusing that London plane is Platanus X acerifolia, and Norway maple is Acer platanoides. One is a sycamore that looks like a maple. The other is a maple that looks like a sycamore.


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