Squirrels, mice, and Six on Saturday…

The squirrels round here are not skinny.


They eat most of the bird food we put out, and then scamper around the vegetable patch and birdhouse like they own the place.

Another cute critter that feasts on the bird food is this little mouse. It had a little sunbathe on the lawn, nibbled a few seeds, and then posed for this picture.


But enough of the wee beasties for now. I have six things in the garden to share with the Propagator’s gang of garden bloggers.

  1. Roses round the door (again).  I may get over this eventually, but probably will always sigh with delight at the site of roses round the door. Even in the rain they’re terrific.


2. The pine tree. Behind the pink roses is a patch of established trees. The pine is the most magnificent.


3. Sweetpeas – in a spot that’s becoming far too shady and crowded.  I planted these out a few weeks ago, and since then the hedge around them grown a lot. I should have thought of that possibility but never mind, I’ll shift them to a better spot and provide a less scrappy looking support for them to grow around.


4. Sunflowers:  None of the seeds I directly sowed came up. Perhaps a mouse or a fat squirrel had a nibble. But the seedlings I picked up at Frome country market, for 50p each, are both doing well, as is the accidental coriander underplanting. 20190608_082424

5. Woven  plant supports. The summerhouse no longer has a dangerous roof, so although it still needs a load of work I’ve settled in for some weaving to get some nicer supports sorted for the sweetpeas. They sell fancy willow towers at the market for £40, but I made a simple spiral tower using about £2.00 worth of bamboo and willow,  which does the job just as well.



And finally, a mystery.  This interesting looking flower has popped up – my plant app has nothing, so I’m hoping a helpful blogger might have a clue as to what this could be?

So that’s my six for this week.

Visit the Propagator’s blog to see what Six on Saturday other gardeners are sharing today.

I’m off to bottle some rose scented elderflower syrup, and then possibly tackle a few brambles.

As always, I hope your plans and plants are coming along nicely.

Jen x

9 thoughts on “Squirrels, mice, and Six on Saturday…

  1. The plant supports are a great idea and very effective too, I imagine. The little mouse is very cute, like something out of a Beatrix Potter book!

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  2. I made a sweet pea tower out of bamboo and should have done what you have with willow instead of the lashup with wire and string. Where did you get the willow from? Your mystery plant is Phygelius aequalis.


  3. Love your willow support, very creative. That IS a well fed squirrel! I am making it my business this year to add roses around the front door, and in fact in several places at the front of the house.


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