Six on Saturday with honeysuckle and hydrangea

  1. The honeysuckle we planted a out on the decking a couple of weeks ago has started to flower. Admittedly, the decking that it sits on is almost entirely rotten, and urgently high on the long list of things to fix, but at least this spot smells sweeter now.

2. The serpent garlic in the herb pot has unfurled itself. No longer in a loop, I’m not quite sure what it’s up to, but it’s an interesting plant. The yukka at the back of the picture is in full bloom – thanks to all comments last week that helped identify this spiky monster plant.20190720_103343


3. The sweetpeas are fully in flower too, adorning the willow tower that I made at our local community college last spring. It’s lasted well so far, and although willow plant supports won’t last forever, I hope to get a few more years out of this construction.


4. Bindweed rears it’s pretty head in various spots around the garden. I’ve pulled out armfuls of the stuff, and could carry on doing so for the rest of time without defeating this persistent perennial weed. I don’t mind the flowers so much, the pretty white trumpets are not so bad, but their habit of smothering everything in sight makes bindweed entirely unwelcome, even in the home of this lazy gardener who actually quite likes dandelions. I really don’t mind a few weeds, they’re good for the wildlife. But bindweed must die.

5. I’ve discovered what I think is an aster, which is hopeful development, because I wondered if this drift of big plants might be rosebay willowherb, which can be a pest to deal with.  Asters of all sorts are welcome here. My grandad liked the Michaelmas daisy, which flowered around his birthday, so these plants are particularly pleasing for bringing up that happy memory.


6. Finally for my six things on Saturday, a new bit of planting at the front garden. I hope this hydrangea will do better in the front garden than it did underneath the yukka.


There’s loads more garden shenanagins shared by bloggers around the world enjoying ‘Six on Saturday. Check them out on the Propagator’s blog.


3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday with honeysuckle and hydrangea

  1. Bindweed is a devil of a plant to eradicate as it’s the roots you need to dig out and they inwine themselves into all the plants you want to keep. At least you’ve saved some plants from suffocating there. Lovely honeysuckle you’ve chosen. I bet it smells delicious on your deck.


  2. That poor hydrangea sure looks sparse. I am sure it is happier away from the yucca. The yucca looks great though. Yucca (or at least those types) are easy to divide if you want to grow more copies of it. There are often young pups that are easily pulled off of the bases of the main plants, even without digging and dividing the main plants.


  3. I feel your bindweed pain. Every year I hope I’ve got it all, every year around this time if I turn my back for 5 minutes it is entangling a new plant. Hate it with a passion. As you say, it must die. It just refuses!


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