Six on Sat: Willowstone or Hazel O’Concrete?

The statue of a horse’s head was here in the garden when we arrived. We wove it a crown with a unicorn horn, because why not? And now I don’t know whether to call it Willowstone – a romantic name for this garden whimsy, which seems to be a willow crown on a stone statue – or Hazel O’Concrete, because it’s actually made of hazel and concrete.


We’ll probably settle on it’s stage name being Willowstone, but it’s real name as Hazel O’Concrete.

While pondering that pointless conundrum, here’s Six on Saturday to share with the Propagator’s gang of  garden bloggers…

  1. The view from the back door.20190713_080425Now with much more colour, a collection of patio plants, and an unimpressed cat. It’s been worthwhile focusing efforts on this little patch of potted plants, and grouping all the pots together is more impactful than dotting them about, I reckon.
  2. More Honeysuckle

    Having removed lots of honeysuckle from the ground, I’ve gone and planted some in a pot. This adds a bit of height to the decking, and gives me new places to hang willow whimsies that I’ve made over the past few years…

  3. Mystery brassica. Can anyone guess that veg (on the left of the flowering rocket)?  We purchased these plants as seedlings from the Bishop’s Garden shop in Wells, they were 20p each, and just labelled ‘brassica.’ My other half thinks possibly they’re sprouts. I’m hoping for a nice cabbage. Whatever they are, the cabbage white butterflies like them a lot, so they may well end up as caterpillar food. 20190713_080658
  4. Tomato boxes. I’m pleased with these, they look smart in their wooden crates, and it’s nice to use something other than plastic as a planter. I haven’t grown tomatoes outside in a while, but these are in a sunny spot and doing OK so far…

5. Another mystery in the middle border – the spiky plant – has bloomed. It’s put out three big stems, covered in pale greenish bellshaped flowers. Any guesses on what this is??20190713_081059

6. Sweet peas. A couple of flowers from the plants I put in when we arrived in late May. Not a huge burst of colour, but a very welcome sight.


Well, that’s my six for this week. I’ll pop over to the Propagators blog to see what else is growing on. Why don’t you join us? Six on Saturday is wonderfully addictive.

Hope your plans and plants are coming along nicely.

Jen x


8 thoughts on “Six on Sat: Willowstone or Hazel O’Concrete?

  1. Those cabbage white work fast. I planted some kale recently, within a matter of days they were being shredded by teeny caterpillars. I don’t even like kale, but it is a handy reminder of why I don’t normally bother with brassicas…


  2. That is most definitely a yucca. As I said above, it is likely a Yucca filamentosa, but looks like a Yucca recurvifolia. There are not likely many species of the 50 species of Yucca available there. For a while I grew 49 of the 50 known species, including some that were extremely rare. The only one that I lacked might not really exist as a separate species. The closest native Yucca here is not classified as a Hesperoyucca, but I still know it as Yucca whipplei. It has nasty leaf tips, but spectacular blooms.


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