Six on Saturday: busy bees on a bank holiday

This Saturday is the beginning of the late summer bank holiday. The usual forecast for a national holiday is gloomy skies and hailstones, but today is untraditionally sunny. So I’m hoping to make some progress while the sun shines.

My six on saturday this week includes a new project and some small victories.

  1. The new project involves removing those awful old paving stones. We’ll have a lawn here soon, I hope :-).
  2. Nasturtium flowers – in amongst the brambles and geranium and willowherb and weeds, a few flowers emerged from the seeds I popped into this spot just after we’d arrived. It only took two minutes to sow these, and the area still needs weeding, but these little orange flowers dotted around the garden have brightened up some tricky corners and give me lots of pleasure.20190824_114155
  3. Tomato – this is sunbaby,  one of the three for £5 plants I bought in June. This was outdoor grown and its sweet and delicious.Sunbaby Tomato
  4. Tomato Roma – this is the first of a plum variety to ripen on our patio. Its got thicker skin and is more fleshy than sunbaby. I expect it will make a good pasta sauce, if any ever make it indoors without me eating them.
  5. The top tomato – did you notice I like tomatoes – is gardeners delight. An unsurprising winner, this variety is well known for being an easy growing, tasty and reliable tomato, and well worth a spot by the kitchen door
  6. Ivy bees in the apple tree. So far this summer our garden has hosted a community of tree bumblebees, and now we have ivy bees visiting. There dozens of them feasting on the ivy that grows over the apple tree. It makes harvesting apples interesting, and something my bee-wary, apple-agnostic husband avoids. But I got this rather nice bum-shaped apple, and the bees didn’t bother me when I picked it.

So, that’s my six on Saturday, which I’ll share with the Propagator‘s gang of gardeners, sharing the best of what’s growing on around them. To see more garden collections, visit his blog, or if you’ve got time, its nice to pop out and collate your own list.

I hope your plans and plants are coming along nicely, and the bees are buzzing round your way too.


One thought on “Six on Saturday: busy bees on a bank holiday

  1. Nasturtiums! Other peoples peonies and anemones are enviable because they would not do well here. I can and DO grow nasturtiums, just because I always have. They are so traditional! I get to try new varieties sometimes, but the feral yellow and orange are still my favorite.


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