Six on Saturday: Lawn success and September strawberries

It’s a sunny Saturday in Somerset, and so here are six things from the garden to share with the Propagator’s merry gang of garden bloggers.

  1. New lawn!  It’s three weeks now since laying the new lawn to replace the ugly pavers, and most of the turf we laid has taken very well.


I’m glad we waited till late August to do this job. We didn’t need to water the new turf much at all, as there was plenty of rain over the last few weeks.  Although I did spend June, July and August hating those ugly pavers, it would have been daft to do it sooner. I’m sooo happy with the change.


2. A sinking summerhouse…. Unfortunately though, that gorgeous summerhouse is on its last legs. It’s a shame to condemn it but at least three of its walls are rotten, and it’s gradually collapsing. In hindsight, fixing the roof was a bad idea but I’m hoping we can reuse the roof felt. Still, at least there’s a tiny patch of nasturtiums here to brighten up a crappy corner of the garden…


We’ve popped in a couple of props which will hopefully keep the structure standing for a little bit longer while we figure out a plan. We don’t really want a summerhouse, and although it’s pretty, it’s not much use to us, so we’re saving up for a potting shed to replace it. 🙂

3. September strawberries?

Back in July I got a tiny strawberry plant from Barters farm nurseries for £1.

It has since flowered and fruited! I will be fairly astonished if these ripen – they are on a north facing patio and its flipping September! But I might move them to the south facing front garden just to give them a bit more sunshine and a chance to ripen.


4. More green tomatoes.

It would probably be an idea to take the plum tomatoes out front as well. Only two of these plants have ripened so far, and there’s not a lot of sunshine left this season. The spot they’re in by the back door does not get much light.


5. How do I like them apples?

This delicious apple tastes like a pink lady, only it’s a rosy colour instead of pink.

This spot under the apple tree is my favourite place in the garden today

A little light research on the goodfruitguide got me wondering if the apple I’m enjoying from the tree is a discovery apple. If my guess is right, I have discovered that the Discovery, is in fact a very good apple, so long as you eat it at the right time.


Far too many of these apples fell to the floor, and although I’ve eaten loads and given a dozen away, I feel must do better next year and not let so many of these tasty apples fall away uneaten – I mean, uneaten by people at least. The bugs and critters love these windfalls…

6.  My final highlight is this pot of mixed herbs, which has been a much loved and tasty triumph. The tarragon, chives, golden oregano and silver sage in this pot have featured in lots of home cooking – they’re a daily delight and I’m certainly planning to expand the kitchen herb garden next year.20190914_082054

We’ve been in this new place since late April, and in the past five months found problems with the house and garden that we hadn’t expected or planned for, but that’s just the way it goes and we’ll have to be patient to get this place as we want it.

By Christmas, fingers crossed, we’ll have the kitchen organised and a DISHWASHER fitted, which will improve my life by a factor of at least 20%.

Following that, the plan is to get a potting shed ready by spring, and after that – with clean dishes and a bench under glass to call my own, we could really be getting somewhere…

And once we’ve got the place looking really nice, and the time feels right for us, we’ll be moving on to the next underloved house and garden and giving it a revamp… well, that’s the plan so far anyway. I hope that your plans are coming along nicely, and that your unseasonal strawberries may ripen. 🙂

Jen x






2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Lawn success and September strawberries

  1. What a beautiful garden. My favorite is your favorite too, under the Apple tree area. You get so much rain, that’s so AWESOME! It’s very arid where I live here in southern California, so it’s difficult to have a lush garden. I Love all your photos ♥️ Thank you for sharing! Diana 😃🍓🍎


  2. I am sorry for the tardiness. I will miss yesterday’s posts too.
    That is sad about such a delightful summerhouse. I do not really know what a summerhouse is, but they are prettier than the small structures we have in our gardens. I prefer trees for shade. Some people prefer porch like structures. Buildings with walls and doors are atypical.


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