Fritillaries in a vase on Monday, 30 Mar 2020

It’s been a while since I blogged here, but I’ve been very busy elsewhere. However, today I had time to pop into the front garden and pick a few stems for a vase. See more lovely arrangements of garden flowers on Cathy’s blog, or by searching #IAVOM on twitter and instagram.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re in lockdown in the UK, and only essential travel is allowed. But as usual, I’m working from home, and continuing with marketing and communication for the timber yard and sawmill. We’re determined to be back in business soon but had to close the site for the time being. At the bottom of this post I’ll share a video about this that I was proud to put together… I’ve also been involved in a national conference about planting more trees, and I’m very grateful to still be working right now when so many others are unsure where their next paycheck will come from.

But after an exceptionally busy couple of weeks, I’m due some time off and so this morning the cat and I explored the front garden. While she pounced at shadows, I collected a small jug of spring stems to display indoors for a vase on Monday.


So in a vase today I have snakehead fritillaries, beautiful blooms from bulbs I planted last year. There’s also some euphorbia, photenia and hyacinths in the pot.

The euphorbia, aka spurge, has lovely pale green five petaled flowers, and contrasts nicely with the shiny red leaves of photenia ‘red robin.’


I added a few stems of a paler green spurge, and a few blue grape hyacinths to the mix…


These stems made a suitable backdrop to show off the star of the show, the snakehead fritillary. Two tall stems complete the display.


The finished vase is a cheery sight, and putting a little display of garden flowers together is a wonderful way to start the week. Maybe today you have the time to give it a go?


Take care everyone and #StayHome.

Jen xx

PS – here’s that video I mentioned about the temporary shutdown at our yard. I’ve definitely got better at making videos this year, but anyone who knows what they’re doing can see this is a bit of a hack job… Don’t tell everyone the movie trailer generator does all the flashy stuff for you… 😉

Here’s an epic interpretation of our everyday activity of cutting English oak.

And then here’s the news of this unwelcome interlude…

Hope your plants are doing well even if plans may be on hold for a while!

J x


2 thoughts on “Fritillaries in a vase on Monday, 30 Mar 2020

  1. A lovely vase and contrast in colors. Seeing your euphorbia, makes me anxious for mine to bloom. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient, waiting for the garden to evolve, when it is our only distraction during these “stay at home” times. Thanks for sharing yours!


  2. Ah, photinia! It is not one of my favorite shrubs. Actually, I rather dislike it. However, there are a few at work that I really dig. After working with them and pruning them up as small trees, rather than mutilated shrubbery, I would not want to replace them as we had originally intended. I needed to shear a few when I was a kid, because someone really liked the reddish new foliage. Seeing others appreciate them more gives me more respect for them now.


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