Making a mini-greenhouse

As John Lennon didn’t exactly say, life’s what happens while you’re making other plans. I have a large backlog of intentions, and most are presently on hold for obvious reasons – but I did make a thing.

And if you have some packaging to upcycle, you too too could make a mini-greenhouse.

I planted sweetpea seeds into an improvised propagator a couple of weeks ago, and they’re doing well so far…

Sweetpea seedlings

It’s an easy make, and quite effective.


To make the mini-greenhouse, you need you some bits of packaging…

Upcycled Mini greenhouse ingredients

A mushroom tray, or any water tight container is the base of the greenhouse.

The greenhouse itself is made of two grape trays – or similar clear plastic tubs. It’s important that they have holes in them. You need two that are about the same size.

Finally, use an egg tray, or cardboard loo roll tubes, to hold the compost and seeds.

It’s a pretty simple thing to assemble. Put the grape pot into the mushroom tray, put the cardboard into the grape pot, and put an upturned grape pot on top. Use tape to hold the lid in place if necessary.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fill the cardboard with soil, then water the tray, and wait for the soil to soak up the water. Finally, plant the seeds in the soil, and wish them luck (it’s optional, but I find it effective).

Put the greenhouse somewhere sunny, and keep the compost moist.

Hopefully, you’ll see some green shoots soon.

Jen x



One thought on “Making a mini-greenhouse

  1. I feel fortunate that I have almost no need for greenhouse culture in my own garden. (We use them at work of course.) However, some of the creativity that goes into some of them sort of makes me think they are cool. I might use boxes like these for grafting citrus. I hate the boxes, cut since they will be going to the trash, I may as well use them.


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