Six on Saturday, flowers outside and inside

Here’s six things that made me smile, in the garden on Saturday… This week is mostly about  bringing the outside in…

1. The front door clematis now has extra string to climb… it is really growing rapidly and has big, beautiful blooms.


2. Rosa ballerina and Cinqefoil. Gorgeous and easy going blooms that go together like rhubarb and custard. These were planted long ago by a previous owner, and are hugely (over) grown. I love them.

3. Sweet William- this a self seeded plant that popped up in a wild space at the bottom of the garden, and has been promoted to a prominent ornamental bed.

4. Kalanchoe (I think) purchased a couple of years ago from a charity shop. This lives in a sheltered spot in the front porch, open to the elements, and has recently produced these very cheery yellow flowers.

5. Pinks, Sweet Williams and a few little plants on the coffee table… I’ve brought a few little beauties together to be admired.

6. A basket of garden flowers – I made the willow basket last year, and the the orange lillies, purple geraniums and roses and Cinqefoil from the garden make a big bright cheerful bunch. Homegrown flowers are the best. 

That’s a little slice of my garden this week. For more garden highlights visit the Propagator’s blog, where people share ‘six on saturday’each week. 

Jen x

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday, flowers outside and inside

    1. Oh I wish I knew what the clematis is, it was planted long ago and the label is lost. I think the rose is ballerina. The bees really like it, and so do I. Thanks for your rain wish – it seemed to work. Could you not have sent it before the weekend? 😉

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  1. Sigh… oh, Sweet William. So pretty, so aromatic. But, so large. I ended up taking all of mine out last week. I found they harbored earwigs in all that lovely green growth!


  2. So pretty! I love the Clematis at your entrance, plus the rose. Both stunning! your garden must look amazing now. The basket you made is really lovely and of course is ideal for displaying your flowers. Home grown flowers are definitely the best!!


    1. I think that what you called hypericum is what I know as St John’s wort. And I think the shrub in my garden with the yellow flowers is Shrubby cinquefoil – proper name Dasiphora fruticosa. However, my plant ID skills are limited so I’m open to other suggestions 🙂

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      1. Yes, hypericum is Saint John’s wort. That is what yours looks like, although I do not recognize the species. The foliage is right for the genus, as well as the profusely staminate centers of the flowers. That cinquefoil does not seem to be in the Rosaceae Family.


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