Potato hash-tastic

Sorry that it’s been a long time between updates. My dozens of followers may have missed my rambling anecdotes about haphazard gardening, but mostly no-one’s interested and that’s perfectly reasonable!

HOWEVER…To whom it may be of interest, our potato harvest was a partial success.

My lovely husband planted out some seed potatoes that I’d ordered and then neglected to plant out. His active attention to planting and tending the potato patch means that a few months later we have lots of lovely spuds to enjoy.


And this is certainly worthy of a happy dance!


Happy Dance GIFs | Tenor


This delicious potato hash, with olives, onions and herbs was an absolute treat!


Many of the things we plant do not work out, but spuds – even if they do not thrive – are always worth growing, and it’s kind of magical how one seed potato can multiply into many tasty potatoes…

Growing your own is not at all easy… so any success must be celebrated.

We had a lovely lunch today…

Apologies for being a late and infrequent garden blogger  – life has got in the way lately,  but I really do hope that whatever your plans, your plants are coming along nicely and you have tubers to savour and spuds to celebrate.

All the best,

Jen xx


3 thoughts on “Potato hash-tastic

    1. Hi Tony, nice to hear from you! I’ve been tangled up in the difficulties of non-profit organisations trying to deliver services without proper funding, as well as doing an actual padi job! But I’d love to get back to rambling about plants and plans soonish!

      All the best to you and thanks for your comment 🙂

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