Feeding birds in freezing Frome

It’s been a cold few days, and the water in the birdbath froze. Blackbirds left footprints in the snow, on their way to the feeder by the fence.

I’ve set up some feeders near the back doors, so I can watch the birds eat while I sit on the sofa, often with the lazy cat on my lap.

I’m glad the cat is lazy and toothless, as I can welcome birds to the garden without luring them into doom. It’s been so cold lately that the birds really need a bit of help.

Snow scene with witch hazel and twisted hazel.

I’m busy with work for Vastern Timber, and Shared Earth Learning, and have a lot less time to blog. Once this lockdown eases, I’m hoping to get a bit further on with garden plans, but for now the plan is to focus on work, and keeping warm and well, and keeping local! Roll on spring please!

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