Wildlife pond update: Welcome Mr Frog

As I was watering tomatoes in a big bucket yesterday, I noticed that there was a frog stuck inside. I took the bucket to the pond, and the frog hopped in. Since then he’s hopped in and out again a few times, and seems to like it in a particular corner. We’re hoping he’ll make himself at home, and we call him Mr Frog.

Later on, I’ll blog about how the pond has different layers and steps at the back to help the frogs in and out. But for now I’m going to go sit by it and have a look at Mr Frog and the damselflies.

J x

2 thoughts on “Wildlife pond update: Welcome Mr Frog

  1. I noticed your pond in your Six on Saturday! It looks amazing! Mr Frog is probably having a feast in there, and thinks he is in heaven! I’m looking forward to finding out about the layers in your pond! It looks like an ideal structure for my garden to keep the cane toads out.


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