Six on Saturday: How I like them apples

In previous years, I’ve got the timing wrong and failed to harvest most of the apples on the tree. This year I managed to do a little bit better.

I’d been waiting for the right moment to harvest the big green apples. They tend to ripen a bit later than the smaller red apples on the other tree. These trees were planted long before we arrived here, so I’ve no idea what variety they might be. Very delicious perhaps?

Using a stepladder and some long-handled tongs I was able to harvest most of the apples from the tree. Though it was very tempting to climb another step for the one I couldn’t reach, my self-preservation instincts kicked in and I’ve left that one for the birds.

I’ve checked and wiped the apples. A few of them had little bits of dirt, and bugs hiding in the crevices, and I don’t want to bring those into the house.

This apple was the biggest, and it looked so perfect in the afternoon sun that I gave it a solo portrait.

While the apples have been reaching a peak, the tomatoes are now clearly past theirs. The last few fruits are ripening against the side wall, but I’m not expecting much more from these plants. I’m grateful to have avoided blight this year, and hopeful that next year’s harvest will be even better.

Here’s a pergola and greenhouse update. About two and half years ago when we moved in there was a summerhouse and shed in this spot, both of which were much more rotten than we’d realised when we bought this property.

Now we’ve put a greenhouse, decking and pergola in place, things are starting to look a lot better here. The wisteria and grapes will eventually cover the cross beams, and our plan is to get a “skylight” cut into the centre, so we can look at the stars at night.

I was pleased to pick up these wallflower plants at Lakeside as tiny young plants simply wrapped in newspaper. I immediately potted them up. There were about a dozen young plants in each parcel, which I think will make a fine display next year. And it was nice to not bring home any plastic from the garden centre.

Yesterday I spotted this little tortoiseshell butterfly basking in the sunshine on the pond. It was so comfortable there that I had time to leave my desk and get to the pond to take this snapshot before it flew away.

Down by the pond, the standard rose has put on a fine display of new blooms, and the potted peony foliage has become a stunning red colour. It’s a nice autumnal scene.

My final selection for this week will be the waterlily bud in the pond. The solar powered pump is still working well, so long as the sun shines, and this little waterlily will hopefully open later this week…

That’s my six for this week. See more collections of garden highlights at the propagator’s blog.

As ever, I hope that your plants and plans are going well.

J x

2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: How I like them apples

  1. In some pictures, the color and skin tone of the apples looks like that of ‘Golden Delicious’, although that is a cultivar that is more popular where winters do not provide much chill. (I grew it in the ‘Santa Clara Valley’, because winter weather is rather mild there.) The shape of the fruits resembles that of a ‘Pippin’ of some sort. There are too many cultivars to take a guess.


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