Misty views: Six on Saturday

Suddenly it’s autumn, and the morning view is mostly mist and spiderwebs.

Time for that weekly collection of six garden things…

First up the overview – this is the garden at about 7.30 am on Sat 18 Sep 21. It’s proper misty. On a clear day, you can see the other side of the valley through them trees, but not today.

The first thing that caught my eye was this amazing spider web on the acer. This ace little acer tree was a gift from my husband for my birthday this March, and it’s grown very well this season. We had it near the pond for a while, but have moved it closer to the house to show it off as a specimen tree. The spiders love it, and it looks proper spooky and autumnal.

Second thing is the apple harvest. The red apple tree is almost finished now, but these green apples are looking about ready to pick. I’ll leave them a little longer, as there’s very few windfalls from this tree so far, so I guess they can ripen for a little bit longer.

Thing three is the sage patch with sedum. Now that the yellow flowered Hypericum has finished, the underplanting of sage and sedum takes the limelight. I’ll be cooking up a sage based dishes – I baked a few leaves on top of pork chops with apples earlier this week, and it was very tasty…

Thing four is the treacle berry bush, aka himalayan honeysuckle. This is a massive plant that is always buzzing with wildlife. The bees adore the flowers, and the berries attract lots of birds. It’s a robust plant that just seems to keep on flowering, and it’s a plant I’d recommend to any gardener!

Thing five is the standard rose. This sits in front of the treacleberry, and although it almost died during a hot spell in the summer, it now seems happy enough to put on a second flush of flower. Thanks rose!

My sixth thing is the michealmas daisy, aka asters… These grow like weeds, emerging in September all over the place, and they’re absolutely marvellous. They were my Grandad John’s favourite flower, blooming at his birthday, and so each year when they emerge I think of him. We have a few of them in the ‘den’ by the pond, by the tree trunk seats.

I’m becoming accustomed to sneaking in an extra thing or two from outside the garden. So here’s a snap of the most abundant hedgerow of sloes that I think I’ve ever seen! This is next to the community orchard at the Frome old showground. If you get in there before the birds do, you could collect a few handfuls of sloes to make a delicious flavoured gin. I’ve made up a batch already!

So that’s my six (and a bit) for today. To see more garden collections please visit the propagators blog, for more ‘Six on Saturday’

Hope you have a fabulous autumn (or spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere!)

J x

One thought on “Misty views: Six on Saturday

  1. You know, I have never even seen a sloe. All sorts of stone fruits were grown in orchards in the Santa Clara Valley, and a few more were used as understock for those that were grown for fruit. Yet, for some reason, sloe was never common here.


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