Frosty Six on Saturday, with witch-hazel in flower

It’s a frosty morning, after a frosty few days.

Our Somerset garden is crunchy and cold. Out front, the ‘stag horn sumac’ has lost all its leaves and has a fantastic silhouette of seedheads that the blue tits like to visit.

In the back garden, its frosty and foggy (froggy??) and the witch-hazel is in flower.

I’ve snapped a selection of highlights for ‘Six on Saturday’.

Six on Saturday 15th Jan ’22

I sowed a few bluebell seeds that I saved from last years flowers. I don’t know if they’ll get going in the greenhouse, but it’s worth a try.

Also in the greenhouse, a couple of pots of scented narcissi, with a few random aloe pups that needed a home. I’ll bring these indoors in a few days time to brighten up the house.

Out in the side border, a little pink primrose is looking hopeful but a bit weather-beaten. These little spring flowers are tougher than they look, so i’m not overly concerned.

My final selection for this weekend is the little pot of frosted succulents, which lives on the old tree stump of the overgrown pine. It’s a hardy little collection, looking fine with its frosty outlines. It may go to mush when it thaws, but these little plants are also pretty resilient, so I’m hoping most of these little plants will make it through the winter.

That’s all from me for now. I hope you have a happy weekend.

J x

4 thoughts on “Frosty Six on Saturday, with witch-hazel in flower

  1. We’ve had frost and fog here too — and alternating days of glorious and horrible. A ridiculous number of baby bulbs showing little shoots — whereupon inquisitive crows come and pull them up, grrr. Viburnum and mahonia are in flower, and there is always a patio rose somewhere that has a flower — i think they pass it around during the night like Pass the Parcel. Every day gives us a bit more light — the progress very obvious at our high latitude, and incredibly cheering. xx


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