Wallflower, Apple Tree and Which hazel? Six on Sat, 21 Jan ’22

Six on Saturday, 21 Jan 2022

Six things in the garden this Saturday, with props to the Propagator for establishing this great garden blogging habit. Six on Saturday.

  1. Our front door wreath has has an early spring makeover. I removed the shiny baubles and gold ribbon, most of the holly and added dried flowers. It’ll stay there for a while longer I think…

2. Out front, the wallflowers beneath the olive tree are in flower. This is thoroughly pleasing as there’s not much else in bloom in the front garden right now.

If I were a better gardener, I’d have deadheaded these wallflowers. If I were more attentive I’d have noticed those seedpods on the wallflower, and removed them to encourage the plant to flower more. But I didn’t, and we still have some flowers. And if I were a more energetic and committed gardener, I’d collect those wallflower seeds, plant them up this year and nurture them through their two year growth cycle, and have homegrown wallflowers from saved seed next year. I might do all that, but I’ll probably just purchase another bundle of young plants wrapped in newspaper like I did last year…

3. Which hazel? Witch hazel…

‘Orange beauty’ witchhazel

In the back garden, the witch hazel on the gravel patio is covered in sweet smelling flowers. Having checked its label I can tell you that its a variety called ‘Hamamelis x intermedia, Orange Beauty’ and very nice it is too.

4. The green apple tree in the back garden produces huge tasty apples, kind of like a bramley cooking apple crossed with a crisp braeburn. My lovely husband has given this a careful prune, and pointed out to me the ‘burrs’ on the lower branches, where the apples form.

The newly pruned apple tree this morning
The apple tree sticks – I’ll make plant supports from these lovely stems.

5. The ‘bare root’ roses are growing lots of little buds. I’m very excited about the potential here…!

6. And finally, my ‘winter pot’ of viburnum is about to burst into flower. This is right by the kitchen window, so highly visible from the washing up spot, and I’ve planted this up with a few spring bulbs and wallflowers, as well as that vibirnum, to provide a splash of winter colour. It won’t be long till those buds open…

As it’s only about 4 degrees centigrade out there, we won’t be sitting out on the deck for a while yet. So right now I’m cosy on the couch with the cat and dreaming of summer.

I will try to get a few daffodils planted out soon, but I said that last week too!

Whatever you’re up to have a lovely weekend,

J x

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