Six on Sat: Garden cinema, sweetcorn, summer survivors and Phil Oakey the oak tree

I just heard the chatter of a group of swifts flying by, heading south. And here’s six more things in the garden that show the seasons slowly changing…

  1. Garden Cinema season seems to be drawing to a close, but we’ll make the most of the rest of the summer. Screenings now begin at 9 and the evenings are getting a little bit chilly. The shadows during the daytime are kinda groovy, and those hanging baskets of petunias are still going strong and smell amazing.
Now showing: The shadows.

2. Down at the bottom of the garden, the veg bed and corn patch need a bit of work…

…but we have sweetcorn! I’ve harvested one to see if they’re ready. It’s tiny and only half grown, but nonetheless I’m quite happy with this as a first attempt. I’ll make this one into a tiny salsa, and give the others another couple more weeks…

3. The newish border has mostly survived the very hot weather. The roses responded well to their haircut a few weeks ago and have put on a flush of new flowers. The agapanthus catch the sun like fireworks sometimes – proving this variety is aptly names. The hibiscus, which I’d unwisely moved in early June, lost most of its leaves but is now showing good signs of regrowth, as is the old pink hydrangea, and the mystery plant, which I now think is probably an astilbe, has put on lots of fresh growth from the base. I will want to tidy and add to this area in autumn, but for now I’m just happy that it’s not suffered too much in the unusually hot summer. And the red apples are delicious – we’ve had a lot of Waldorf salads lately.

4. I’m please to report that Phil Oakey the oak tree has also lasted the summer. He’s due a bigger pot soon, and I’m not quite sure where his ‘forever home’ might be.

Phil Oakey is named after the legendary producer, and so the rest of this week’s post is soundtracked by Love Action:

5. The lawn is getting a bit greener, and the cat is still spending a lot of time under the garden bench.

And finally, a view of the pond, and the ‘den’ under the elder tree. We’ve realised that since we used the old tree stumps to make this a cosy spot to sit in the shade, by the pond, we have a different view of the pond. My lovely husband’s plan is to rearrange the plants in the pond to make the view from the den even better…

That’s my selection of six for this week. To see more pop over to the Propagator’s blog and see what’s growing on this week.

I hope your plans and plants do well.

J x

4 thoughts on “Six on Sat: Garden cinema, sweetcorn, summer survivors and Phil Oakey the oak tree

  1. Everything looks relaxing and lovely. It’s so fun to compare notes with bloggers in other parts of the world and in different climates. Movies outdoors? Nice! We have a very similar pond and we love it. Three goldfish in the pond have survived our hot summers and very cold winters in the Northern U.S. now for 11 years. 🙂


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