Frondescentia and new steps: Six on Saturday

It’s that time of the year when leaves unfurl. When it can be misty and chilly in the morning but sunshiney and warm a few hours later. This week I did a record breaking FOUR loads of laundry and had the bed sheets billowing on the line in perfect windy sunny drying weather, and served rhubarb cake and pink fizz in the garden for my Shared Earth Learning friends

In the many months since I last blogged here there’s been lots going on.

Yesterday we put out a new film from ‘Wood for the Trees’ about rewilding and tree planting.

This film has got more views on day one than any other film we’ve put out so far, and I’m honestly quite chuffed about this. My boss at Vastern Timber won a prize for ‘changing attitudes’ partly for this work, and I must remember to mention that in my annual pay review.

Also, a couple of months ago, I filmed a bit more of the story of the Frome Tree Group and Town Council’s progress with planting a community orchard of fruit and nut trees by the river. I’ll be publishing a short film soon – about the story so far – but first here’s a very quick before & after snap to give an idea of what’s happened.

Frome Tree Group at Weylands in 2019 planning to plant more trees, and the 2023 Weylands Wassail, celebrating the new community orchard

In the garden, our newest exciting bits of infrastructure are the compost bay and a couple of new steps from the backdoor to the patio.

The tulips are looking spectacular. Here’s a quick six on Saturday just for old times sake…

  1. Tulips – a few of the red and yellows from last years bulbs have returned
  2. Steps by the backdoor – it’s now possible to get to the garden more easily!
  3. Seeds in the greenhouse. I held off a few sowing for weeks longer this year as the weather has been quite cool, but now we’re on the way and I’m enjoying the process
  4. Wisteria buds on the pergola. It’s looking like we’ll get a few flowers this year, we had only ONE last year after this plant was cut back to the ground while the deck was be rebuilt.
  5. The new compost bay. A three bay bin with removable slats, the compost bay of my dreams is finally a reality
  6. The compost. I think our first load will be ready to use in a few more weeks. This is deeply satisfying.

Apologies for such a long time between blogs, my darling dozens of followers. I’ve been busy with doing the things I planned to do, more than blogging about them!

I will share this with the Six On Saturday gang of lovely gardener bloggers and pop onto the hashtag #SixOnSaturday to see what’s growing on elsewhere.

I hope your plans and plants are growing nicely.

Jen x

4 thoughts on “Frondescentia and new steps: Six on Saturday

  1. Nice work! I flt bad when I ought my house and had to take down three mature trees that were dying from infestation of emerald ash borer. I tried to make up for it by planting eight arbor vitae as a future privacy screen as well as a dwarf weeping cherry just because I wanted one. I wish I had space for an oak or two!


  2. I likely mentioned our old ‘reforestation’ projects in Los Angeles. I enjoy the results, . . . however, none of the trees are native, and they inhabit a region that was naturally rather unforested coastal desert or chaparral. It is contrary to restoration of natural ecosystems.


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