Week two: keep smiling

We’ve been in our new home for one week now. I’ve planted out some bare root roses that I got from Fryers Roses, a specialist supplier. For the first time I’ve used mycorrhizal fungi to improve root growth. With luck, the fungus will work its symbiotic magic and provide lots of lovely nutrients to the roses.

At this stage it takes a bit of imagination to see the potential of the bare root roses. I’ve put them into them part of the garden that seems to get the most sun, which was formerly a vegetable patch. The soil is in very good condition; the previous owners clearly loved this garden and improved the soil with lots of compost.


I planted four new roses, including a variety called ‘Keep Smiling’ which is one of my favourites from the Queen Mary rose garden in Regents Park, it was still in bloom in November last year. If we get a few of these gorgeous yellow blooms this year I’ll be delighted.


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