Garden panorama

On the day we arrived in our new home I took a panorama picture of the garden. I took the same pic a month later to see what’s changed.

The garden in January

The garden in February

To be honest, there’s not a lot of visible change. The round patio below the pear tree has been cleared and a few flowers have emerged. 

And the plants from London have found temporary places in the garden while I wonder where to plant them more permanently.

The most beautiful bloom from the garden so far is this camellia, from a plant that my husband gave me 10 years ago. It’s looking very smart with a sprig of rosemary in its vase. 

Camellia ‘Kick off’

There’s a ridiculous amount of stuff to do in the garden. I suppose only way to take it on is step by step. So this month I’m hoping to start a few seeds and do some serious pruning. And hopefully in one months time there will be a bit more visible progress. 

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