Garden panorama, March 2017

This month’s showing a bit of progress in the garden.

Back in Feb I’d cleared the patio, planted out roses and camelia, and put in some steps in the spot where mum slipped.


Now, in early March, we’ve planted out a few spring bulbs: snowdrops, narcissi, forget-me-not. Davina the cat is getting more settled in the garden, and I’ve started hardening off the first of the seedlings from January.


I’ve planted out some summer flowers from the local country market. The labels were home-made and rather charming.


At the same market, I got some bargain forget-me-nots for just £1 per clump, freshly divided from the seller’s garden early that morning.  These have gone into a border of spring bulbs under the pear tree, along with narcissi, primrose, and snowdrops.

I’ve cut back the enormous dogwood, reducing it by about 2/3, and hard pruned an enormous buddleia. Its been a great month so far, put there’s lots more planning and planting to do. Yay!

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