Peas please

It’s very pleasing to see the peas attach themselves to their support sticks. I love  how the little tendrils curl.

That tendril grabbed that stick in the space of just 24 hrs. It was only yesterday that I potted these pea shoots up. They’re ‘early onwards’ seeds from Poundland that were planted in the greenhouse a few weeks ago.

I want to eat more of these peas than the slugs do, and so I’m trying a copper planter, because copper is said to deter slugs. The trough cost £15 from ebay and looks quite elegant, I think…

The three pots of peas look happy in their new home, and will be grown more for their delicious shoots than the actual pea pods. I’ve used cornus twigs to provide something for them to climb up.

They are handily placed by the kitchen door, on a gravel topped bin-shed. Gravel is also said to deter slugs.

Does copper and grit equal double slug protection? We’ll see how the slimy beasts react. Pea-shoot updates to follow.

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