‘Loveliness’ white hyacinth

I’ve embarked on a project to create a bouquet every day (Mon-Fri).

Today’s bouquet is white hyacinth and pear blossom, with unidentified foliage and the intriguing tendrils of what might be a clematis.

The white hyacinth is the star of the show, it’s a bright white with a strong sweet scent, and I think this is the third year it’s flowered.It was a gift from a friend that I planted into a pot and forgot about. The aroma is heavenly.


The bouquet includes another sweetly scented white bloom, of pear tree blossom. These branches were cut a few days ago and slowly opened in the warm of the house. I ‘forced’ them to bloom by bringing them indoors, although I prefer to think of it as ‘encouraged.’


The green foliage is from a bush in the garden that’s springing forth. I don’t know what it is yet, this one joins the long list of mystery plants in the garden.  Also on that list is the climber that completes the bouquet, perhaps a clematis, which has these amazing little tendrils.


I hope you enjoyed this little bunch of spring time. Have a super weekend!


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