Frome Blooms

I’m launching a flowers-by-post service. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve sent out 12 boxes of flowers, and feedback has been positive.


Part of the plan has always been to make a living from the garden, and to do more of what I love to do. And I love to grow flowers, I love picking the bouquets, making the arrangement and taking pictures of what grows. And I have experience in making websites and selling stuff. So here it is,

At launch, on Tuesday 21 Mar.


And here it is LIVE right now:


2 thoughts on “Frome Blooms

  1. Good thing you moved somewhere with a useful rhyme. Business plan would be in tatters! Good news that they all survived the postal experience and were well received.


    1. Haha! The name followed the move… I actually pronounced the name Frome incorrectly at first, to rhyme with home, not room. Once I clocked that Frome and Bloom rhyme, and the domain was available, I just couldn’t not do it!
      There’s not a business plan as such, just a little beta launch of an online florist. I hope that sending flowers by post can bring in a bit of cash to support various garden projects.It’s great fun to do, and its lovely to see the flowers in other people’s homes.


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