A huge pile of crap

Behold, the mighty hugelkultur. It’s a massive pile of composting material, built in layers, to provide a very productive vegetable bed in a fairly small space.


This huge pile of crap is built in layers. First, dig a hole.

Fill this hole with large lumps of wood, thick branches, and bits of cardboard.

Then add piles of garden clippings.

Once the mound is as high as you can easily reach, top with a thick layer of mushroom compost (this is basically second-hand crap, it’s the manure left over from mushroom farming.)

And there you have it. A lovely huge pile of compost and manure to grow vegetables. Hurrah for the hugel, let’s hope it works out ok 🤞

3 thoughts on “A huge pile of crap

  1. This is crap. Crapping around on a sh1tload of crapping more to crap. So far, shits hitting the fan around the crap going on in my craplife. What a wonderfull poem 🙂


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