In A Vase on Monday, 27 March: Brucie Forsythia

This Monday’s bouquet contains forsythia, narcissi, pear blossom, clematis tendrils, with willow catkins and stems of twisted willow.


This bouquet is named in honour of Bruce Forsyth, who is recovering after an illness.

It’s always wonderful to see the bright yellow blooms of forsythia at this time of year. Bright yellow blossoms are a real treat in a garden that’s still looking quite wintery. My forsythia is teeny-weeny and just planted yesterday, but I had to get a couple of sprigs for a vase.

Each week, Cathy at Rambling in the garden hosts the meme ‘In A Vase on Monday’ where gardeners across the world share their vases. Its a very friendly scene and a very addictive meme!

8 thoughts on “In A Vase on Monday, 27 March: Brucie Forsythia

  1. There seems to a problem with your link, Jen, which takes me to an old post on my own blog 😉 When I have finished commenting I will paste the right link in for you.
    Love your title today, and your vase with the clematis tendrils and other bits and pieces as well as your VERY new forsythia – you are definitely entering into the spirit of IAVOM snipping from a plant with such a sma;ll amount of bloom! I keep eyeing some forsythia overhanging the lane from a neighbour’s garden, so you may well see a sprig in due course! Thanks for sharing your vase today

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      1. That’s OK – I couldn’t quite work out why it was doing it so went into your blog another way and found the post. It was easy enough for me then to change the link – no problem. Hope you sorted your fingers and thumbs out! 🙂


    1. Thank you, the vase was picked up in a charity shop in Frome by my other half. I love how the four handles are balanced, and the grey tones help the yellows stand out.


  2. A lovely collection of things with lots of interest. I am quite distracted by blooming shrubs and trees as I drive around, especially Forsythia. I have to concentrate hard to stay on the road.


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