A brilliantly busy day today with lots of ‘stuff-to-do’ crossed off the list.

  1. A posy for my cousin.

2. I got a few more vegetable seeds.

3. The veg were sown direct into hugel mound, along with wild garlic, which some say can deter pests. 

4. The teeny-weeny forsythia, has been planted out behind the temporary bench in the flower garden. We’ve laid out a path and the cat has tested it.

5.  Triangle veg beds have been weeded and the gravel paths are complete in this area. Hopefully choy sum, breakfast radish, and broccoli raab are on their way to the dinner plate soon (slugs permitting).

6. I potted up a few ranunculus. Just a few blooms I bought at the market (3 for £5) in a little terracotta trough to brighten up a spot under the pear tree.

7. Rearranged the patio and put up some solar powered fairy lights, but that does not photograph well. That’s lots done and lots to do. Happy days of garden life


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