The Grand Old Duke of York

Now we’re nearing the end of March, it seems that everything in the garden has accelerated.

Happily, there’s much more colour in garden. It’s still in little pockets rather than great swathes, but what there is is very jolly.  Today the wallflowers that I brought from the London garden were in bloom. Also the saxifrage has survived winter and put out its sweet little white and red flowers. A few snakeshead fritillaries popped up from the undergrowth, which was a pleasant surprise, and the hellebores are still putting on a splendid show.

I’m posting a bouquet a day at, an online flower shop that I’m developing. The purple magnolia by the front door has put out a couple of blooms, and these were the stars of today’s selection, along with a couple of tulips and fritillaries.

Meanwhile, almost everything in the greenhouse is growing well and nearly ready to move. The ranunculus are outgrowing their first pot,  the cosmos seedlings need to be pricked out, and the dahlias are putting out shoots that I should be taking cuttings of. It’ll mostly get done in the nearish future.

And while checking on the chitting potatoes I noticed the the highlight of the day – a smiling seed potato. This ‘Red Duke of York’ is having a grand old time and made me chuckle. Hope you’re doing as well as (or better than) this little spud.



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