March retrospective: Doing The Plan

It’s a wet Wednesday near the end of the month, a good time for a retrospective to review progress. The Plan is to get out of the office and into the garden, and here’s the status as of 29 March 2017.


Groundwork – drip hose, in progress. I’ve bought a solar powered drip irrigation system to attach to the waterbutt, and my husband reckons he can set it up. But as it’s rained almost everyday we’re not in a rush to deploy irrigation.

Sow seeds – summer veg, done. There’s a lot of little seedlings around on windowsills and in the greenhouse and I’m trying to pace myself so as not to get overwhelmed.

Plant out – early salads, done. Containers – reclaimed pots, yep. Potted up salad, nope.

Harvesting – herbs and salad, in progress. We’ve got a decent set of herbs for the table, but no salad yet.

Cut flowers -spring blossoms, yay! An unexpected bonus is the early blossoms on the established trees in the garden, and how many of the plants I brought from London are in flower already. I cut this lovely bouquet for mum yesterday.


Blogging, build website and email list – in progress. I’ve soft launched an online florist and started collecting an email list. Check out


For sale – Spring Flowers, done.

It’s very useful to make a point of checking in on the plan once a month. Highlights have been more flowers than expected. Less encouraging is the vast amount of bindweed that seems to grow at 90mph. Lessons learned this month: plant labels written with a sharpie are not weatherproof, cats will knock plant pots off the bin-shed roof, and you can’t easily dig out an established ornamental quince.

As if doing the plan was not enough, I’ve started making a bouquet a day. Today’s is hellebore, more on that later…


9 thoughts on “March retrospective: Doing The Plan

  1. I love your plan. I must make a plan! I’m always a spur of the moment person. Not at all organised. All the best with your new projects.


    1. Thank you Karen! I’m not naturally a planner but it’s a skill I had to learn in my ‘proper job’ of running websites. It’s turning out to be useful in the garden to work backwards from what I want to harvest in summer to get a plan of what needs to be done this spring. And there’s a great satisfaction in marking tasks as done!

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      1. I feel so disorganised now. Are they word, or excel templates. Perhaps you could write a post about how to do it. I am afraid my computer skills are very poor


      2. Hi Karen, don’t fret! No need for computer skills for effective planning, and I’ll try to write a post about that soon. I’ve been thinking about it ๐Ÿค“

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      3. I’ve even sent a reply without finishing what I was saying. Anyway , thanks for any advice you can give. Best wishes. Karen ๐Ÿ™‚


      4. Haha! I’m always doing that myself ๐Ÿ˜‚ only advice is keep your fingers warm and push the buttons carefully! The other week I posted while wearing mittens and made a right hash of it ๐Ÿคฃ

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