Helios and an unexpected offer

Today’s bouquet is a large bunch of hellebore with spring foliage. In Greek mythology, Melampus of Pylos used hellebore to save the daughters of the king of Argos from a raving madness, but I don’t expect these would help much in the madness that is the Argos queue. Hellebores are toxic, so handle with care.

Also on my desk, I have remnants of former work-lives. My Guardian mug represents seven years as manager of Guardian Soulmates and the Vogue pencil is from my six months as a conversion manager at Condé Nast. I quit both these jobs in the the last couple of years, and eventually upped sticks to Somerset, to do the plan. I’ve not had ‘a proper job’ in a while now.

#DoingThe Plan is my project to leave the office and work in the garden. Consequently this big bunch of blooms is on sale today at http://www.fromeblooms.com. I may not sell a lot of flowers, but it’s certainly fun to put the bouquets together each day, more so than analysing marketing data. And yet…

Today’s afternoon gardening activities were sidelined by a very interesting call with an old friend about a data project. It’s right up my street and I’d be a fool not to take it on. So it may be back to the spreadsheets for a while, which would certainly be a more reliable income than nascent online floristry. Worryingly, I’ve downloaded Microsoft office. Let’s see what happens next.

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