What’s in the post?

Exciting deliveries today

  1. A collection of perennials, from Thompson & Morgan.  Teeny weeny plants which arrived in good shape. Aquilegia Swan mixed, Delphinium Pacific Giants, Lavender Hidcote, Carnation Hardy Everbloom mix, Geum Double Blazing Sunset, and Erigeron Stallone.

I’ve planted them out in troughs, and they’re resting in the triangle beds for a while before going to their final positions.

2. A lovely new shovel and fork have arrived, from http://www.thegeneraltoolstore.co.uk. I knackered my old spade in a recent disagreement with a large ornamental quince, so I had to buy new tools, and chose the Spear and Jackson traditional border spade and fork. They’re as shiny as the disco ball on the hammock stand.

This calls for a celebratory spade selfie, because it’s unlikely that the spade will never be this shiny again!

The third mystery object in the post today was just a loo brush. Much less exciting, but hygienic.


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