Today’s bouquet is hoopy 

It took most of the morning to complete today’s bouquet, and I wasn’t really happy with it till the afternoon.

I collated foliage first.

But then I was distracted by urgent and interesting post. 

Finally, I got back to floristry, and made the ‘Hoopy’ bouquet. It’s a hand-tied hoop of clematis decorated with snakeshead fritillary. The hoopy form suits twisting climbers and best display their blooms. ‘Hoopy’ is also defined by Douglas Adams as ‘really together’ which is apt for this display.

Also today, we put this hoopy path in place, and it’s my new favourite part of the garden. This is an ‘in progress’ pic. The light faded before I thought to take an ‘after’ pic!

More garden tales to follow!

Jen x

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