Today’s bouquet: Ranuncadunk

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been cutting a bouquet each day to put on sale at It’s been great fun to muck about with flowers every day, and I’ve even sold a couple of bunches to friends! This is today’s bouquet, which I’ve called the ‘Ranuncadunk,’ because of the attractive curves. It’s a little explosion of the brightest colours in the garden, with ranunculus, azalea, narcissi, forget-me-not, grape hyacinth, photinia, and pear blossom. It’s in a lovely little Mexican pot that I picked up at one of Frome’s many wonderful charity shops.

It has been somewhat challenging to gather a new bouquet each day, and I’ve included a lot of cornus and pear blossom because that’s what I have a lot of! But it’s also been a very good way to get the know this garden, each morning I prowl the garden with my secateurs, looking at what’s in bud, what’s coming up, and finding little treasures like fritilliaries popping up in the undergrowth.

This little bunch is only 12 stems and 20cm tall.  And as this garden grows I’m sure there will be much more colour for much bigger bouquets. But for now I’m very happy with this little burst of colour, and secretly chuffed that no one bought it so I get to keep this one 🙂


2 thoughts on “Today’s bouquet: Ranuncadunk

  1. I love those bright colours. Perfect match for the lovely pot. In the summer, I put sweetpeas on the village green with an honesty box to raise money for charity. I now get people ringing up Torres the bunches for special occasions. All the best with your growing. Your garden looks lovely.


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