Clematis Montana Elizabeth, perhaps?

Today’s bouquet, cut 5th April, is of clematis montana. I think the variety is elizabeth but I’m not quite sure. There’s also dicentra bleeding heart, hebe purple shamrock, and the large tendrils of a mystery plant – perhaps another clematis. The clematis has a soft sweet scent.

The clematis montana is HUGE! It stretches halfway along the garden fence and past the greenhouse. There are a zillion buds waiting to flower.

In other news, the gladioli have outgrown their space in the greenhouse, and will need to relocate. I also planted out some gladioli murielis, which I picked up at the Frome Independent market last weekend. My mum’s called Muriel, and I’m hoping to send a few of these flowers to her if they grow well.

Seedlings are mostly growing strongly. I’m hardening them off by leaving them outside for most of the day, but it’s probably still a bit too early to plant these out. Another few weeks should be enough.

And the tomato seedlings are looking small but happy. The aptly named gardener’s delight is enjoying the warmth of the greenhouse, and just visible behind it is the triangle veg bed that could be its new home in a couple of months.

I’ve been trying to stay on top of watering and planting out new arrivals, and  inspired by what’s coming up. Hello Mr Fokker, it’s very good to see you.


4 thoughts on “Clematis Montana Elizabeth, perhaps?

  1. Hi Cynthia, I honestly do not know how many clematis vines are in my garden – we moved in just 3 months ago and the previous owner was a very keen gardener and fond of planting clematis. I think there are at least four large clematis plants, many of which are semi wild!


  2. I honestly don’t know how many clematis vines are here in the garden – we only moved in three months ago and I’m still discovering new plants almost every day! The previous owner was a keen gardener, but the place was left intended for nearly 2 yrs after she passed away. Me and my hubby are trying to bring the place back to life. We counted four large and semi wild clematis plants so far!


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