Triumphinator photoshoot.

Yesterday at I cut a bouquet of white and red tulip, featuring a variety of white tulip called the ‘Triumphinator’. This was a bunch commissioned by a friend.

While I was cutting and preparing the bouquet, my father-in-law took these amazing photos. He’s a professional photographer with all the skills and tools to really capture the colours in the garden. It was a lovely sunny morning, and a really enjoyable photoshoot.


This bunch was a commission cut for Sam, and so I almost called it ‘tulips for Aunty Sam’ but as I’m not sure if she’s an Aunty the pun maybe inappropriate. 😉

The colours looked great in the morning sunshine, and these are brilliant images to use on the website to show how the bouquets are prepared.


Big thank you to Rod Macdonald and his able assistant Alex for their beautiful work.

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