Flora Domestica in a vase on Monday

Every week gardeners share their best seasonal blooms ‘in a vase on Monday’ with Cathy at Rambling in the garden. 

This week, my Monday vase  includes quince blossom, bluebells, tulips, heuchera ‘little cutie’ and geum ‘mai tai.’ There’s also a few small yellow star shaped flowers from a climbing plant that I don’t recognise.

As usual the pot is from one of Frome’s charity shops, but I’ve also included my floweriest teacup and the lovely blue water jug that my brother and sister-in-law got us for Christmas.

The simple round bowl looks hand made, and is yet another bronze glazed earthenware item that cost under £2. It has the initials KL on the base. Nice job, KL!

The pot reminded me of an image from a book I picked up at the same shop, ‘Flora Domestica’ a history of flower arranging from the National Trust. 

I haven’t crammed as many blooms in the vase as this picture, but I am pleased with the new blooms this week. The little geum in particular – I got this from the Frome Country market only a few weeks ago and it’s  such a lovely colour. 

It’s always a pleasure to cut and arrange a few flowers for the house. Please go visit Cathy’s blog to see more vases and maybe share one of your own!

A quick note to anyone looking for today’s bouquet at www.FromeBlooms.com, normal service and posting schedule resumes tomorrow after the bank holiday. Xx

14 thoughts on “Flora Domestica in a vase on Monday

  1. Can’t see the yellow climber close enough to guess what it might be. The contents of your vase work well together and are really balanced, whilst the vase itself is another great find and linking it to the illustration is a great idea. Thanks for sharing

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  2. I LOVE that vase and I’m also a bit mad about that Geum, which I saw for the first time in a couple recent Bloom Day posts (although I’ve never sighted it in any of my local garden centers). The close up of the white flowers reminds me of Clematis terniflora but the foliage doesn’t look right.


    1. Hi Kris, I think it’s a clematis pixie, as suggested by Cathy. The geum was a little treat from the country market, which reminds me I should visit that market again soon. If it sets seed I can happily send some to you 👍🌱🏵


  3. Such a pretty arrangement of flowers and objects! It does look very like a still life painting. The geum is so sweet – wish I had ever seen it somewhere else than other people’s blogs! The vase compliments the colour of the geum perfectly, as does your blue water jug.


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