It augers well

Today we used a new tool, an auger. It drills into the ground to make a deep hole. 

It’s a satisfying procedure, undertaken by my lovely, (camera-shy) husband.

I’d googled for a ‘hand tool to drill holes in ground’ and found that the right tool is an auger. I’d heard, and used the term ‘it augers well’ to mean ‘it’s a good start’ but hadn’t really realised what the word ‘auger’ means. I suppose that since digging holes for posts is often the first stage of a job, if it ‘augers well’ them that’s good going!

The holes were for willow, which we’ve planted in the flower garden around the path of thyme.

The willow is alive and should take root and grow. It forms my new favourite bit of the garden, the willow cloister.

I’ve planted out sweetpeas by the willow arches. With a little luck it will be florally cloistered in a few months. 🤞

The sweet peas are ‘long stem’ and ‘sublime scent’ which were sown back in early March in the greenhouse.

I’m excited to see how they grow!🤞👍💐😊

One thought on “It augers well

  1. I was tempted by one of these last year when I had a bunch of post holes to dig. In the end I went for one of those funny double spade things with the long poles. It does a good job, and also turns out to be perfect for digging a good planting hole! It’s going to get some serious action on that front soon. Have to get the multitude of plants out.


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