Spring Magic and Mathilde

Ooh heck, I’m behind with the daily bouquet posts! I’m cutting a bouquet from the garden each day and posting it to http://www.fromeblooms.com. Cutting and arranging the bouquet is the easy bit, but photographing, pricing and posting it takes a bit more time!

Yesterday’s bouquet was a collection of apple and quince blossom, named Mathilde in honour of the poet Mathilde Blind who wrote a beautiful poem about Apple Blossom.


Today’s bouquet is called ‘Spring Magic,’ named after the Aquilegia which is the star attraction in this little bunch. ย The Aquilegia is supported by red hunter tulips, California poppy, bluebells and rosemary.


I also took a little video of this bunch who seemed to be having a little boogie to the radio.


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