The baked potato song 🥔 

I love this daft song by Matt Lucas about good advice from a baked potato.


“…if you want to know what’s wrong from right, you must hear what the potato say”

Do be good, don’t be bad

…thank you baked potato

Do be happy, don’t be sad

…thank you baked potato.

And if you want to make a better day, you must listen to what the baked potato say”

It’s one of many stupid songs from Shooting Stars that I know by heart, and you should probably take a couple of minutes to watch the Baked Potato Song right now.

Obviously, that song was in my head the other day when I was planting out potatoes. I got all of this lot for £16 from Suttons in a ‘starter pack.’ There’s Red Duke of York, Charlotte, Maris Piper, Maris Peer and King Edward.

I’m planting them into bags for now, as I’m not really sure where there’s space in the garden for big rows of spuds. I might move them around later…

They’ve been chitting on the windowsills for a while, and now it’s late April and getting warmer it’s time to plant them out. Chitting has got them started with a few green shoots, so hopefully they will produce leafy growth quite soon.

I’m trying to squeeze a lot of spuds in, so I’ve done a couple with the recommended single spud per bag, and a couple with one or two more.

All in all there are twenty bags of spuds, sitting in a bit of space behind the greenhouse, which is a fairly inconspicuous but sunny spot.

I’ve not grown spuds before, so I’m curious to see how they will do and if they’re really more tasty than shop-bought.

If you’ve got any potato tips, please pass them on. And I hope you liked the potato song. 🙂


7 thoughts on “The baked potato song 🥔 

  1. I did spuds in bags for the first time last year. Worked a treat. I hang on to old compost sacks now, they work well. Have your bags got holes in them? Need for drainage. I grumbled about the amount of compost used to earth them up on the bags but I ended up using all sorts. Grass clippings, ripped up newspaper, spent compost from seeds, anything. The spuds don’t care, just need to keep the light off them to prevent green spuds. They need watering about once a week, imagine filling the bag up with water. Most will drain away. Easy to harvest like this too, just tip em out into a barrow. I probably won’t grow in the ground again, they take up too much space. Good luck!


    1. That’s great advice thank you! I’ve watered them daily over the weekend as it’s been super hot and the compost was bone dry. Good to know they can handle second rate compost as I’m running low on the good stuff 🙂


  2. I have no potato advice to offer, except to say ‘how wise’ to buy/and plant a collection, rather than all of the same variety and put them in bags. It’s so exhausting planting them in the ground – which I did, yet again, this year! Good luck with your potatoes.


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