Daily done list

Reduced the price of today’s bouquet to just £5 at FromeBlooms.com.

Had a nice time with the cat by the flowerbed.

Picked up this beautiful wooden box from the market. The Legend of the Dogwood is a sorry tale, but I’m not sure I believe it.

Put today’s bouquet next to last Friday’s. I think it’s wonderful that tulips are so long-lived in vases and lean towards the sun.

A good haul from the flower market. Spent £7.25 for six bedding plants. These are sure to appear in a bouquet very shortly. I like how the nasturtium and nemisia varieties are both called ‘Banana Split.’ This reminds me that Bananarama have just reformed. This could be theme for a Monday vase perhaps….

The Japanese Anemones are not yet my enemies, but there are a few too many large clumps of them. I took out a bin full, and reserved a big pot of potential new plants from the digging and division.

I had a little boogie in the greenhouse. Dancing with the seedlings. 

Dahlia update – one of the three pots of tubers has grown well, the others seem to have rotted. Ho hum. I’ve taken a couple of cuttings from the healthy one to hopefully replenish supplies.

The flower garden, or the Fairy Garden, as my youngest niece calls it, is full of promise. I’m not quite sure what to expect as this grows but I’m hoping for lots of colour. It will be a hotchpotch at first and gain more coherence over time.

There are a few seedlings at the base of the hugel mound, and I’ve planted a ‘Banana Split’ nasturtium in there to get a bit of greenery and colour going quickly (hopefully).

And I’ve cut back the hazel, to get a bit more light into the fairy garden, and to get some poles for a project. Maybe more on that later.

I’ve not grown anything substantial to eat yet, but we do have some herbs grown from seed. I made dinner of dinner of plaice and bacon with peashoots,  dill and chives on a bed of leeks, onion, fennel and wine.

Big shout to my lovely husband for remembering the peashoots and adding them at the end. I only I just remembered to snap the results before scoffing it all. Look away if you don’t like bacon.

Another lovely day. Do stuff, grow stuff, eat stuff.  I like this plan.


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